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Stop Calling it “Me Time”

If you, like me and many other moms, hesitate to take time for yourself, the first step is to stop calling it “me time.” Instead, start calling it “my time.” Here’s why: “Me time” sounds inherently selfish. That’s part of the point, of course: it is important to take time for oneself. It’s meant to […]

Being a Scared Brave Mom: New Year’s Resolutions 2018

It starts with one brave accuser, then another comes forward; now there are six, ten. We see a pattern of abusive behavior perpetrated by a powerful man who felt unassailable. He denies it. His wife stands by him. More people come forward. His powerful allies make statements, distancing themselves from him. High-profile projects drop him […]


Laura was my friend in high school, but until we became Facebook friends, I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in fifteen years. When I heard, via Facebook, that Laura had died, I wasn’t surprised. Yet it stayed with me for weeks; she started appearing in my dreams. Laura was an eccentric friend. Big and […]

How Leslie Knope Let Me Down

I love Leslie Knope. Her tireless optimism and unabashed trueness to herself make her both inspiring and endearing.  When Parks and Recreation introduced Leslie’s Season 6 pregnancy with triplets, I trusted that the writers would not weigh her down with media cliches about pregnancy and motherhood.  And since Leslie has flipped the script on so […]

The Secret Joy of Keeping My Pregnancy Off Facebook

I absolutely could not wait to announce my first pregnancy on Facebook. I had the ultrasound image ready and the clever post (“ovBUNen, ETA: 7/13/13”) prepared. I loved the response, in both “Likes” and Comments, marveling at the delight that even distant Friends took in the news. We had told our families, close friends and […]

Breastfeeding, Part II

  When I was in college, I apprenticed at a summer stock theatre at the New Jersey Shore.  I worked six and a half days a week (Sundays were Children’s Theatre days); shows were at night and rehearsals for the next show during the day.  I was an Assistant Stage Manager; it was physically demanding […]

Breastfeeding, Part I

I am sitting in the Lions Club meeting room, my still-sore bottom on an uncomfortable banquet hall chair, leaning back with my feet up on the underside of another chair that’s been upturned in front of me.  Two women from La Leche League flank me and my baby, one roughly positioning his head over my […]