How Leslie Knope Let Me Down

I love Leslie Knope. Her tireless optimism and unabashed trueness to herself make her both inspiring and endearing.  When Parks and Recreation introduced Leslie’s Season 6 pregnancy with triplets, I trusted that the writers would not weigh her down with media cliches about pregnancy and motherhood.  And since Leslie has flipped the script on so […]

Breastfeeding, Part II

  When I was in college, I apprenticed at a summer stock theatre at the New Jersey Shore.  I worked six and a half days a week (Sundays were Children’s Theatre days); shows were at night and rehearsals for the next show during the day.  I was an Assistant Stage Manager; it was physically demanding […]

Breastfeeding, Part I

I am sitting in the Lions Club meeting room, my still-sore bottom on an uncomfortable banquet hall chair, leaning back with my feet up on the underside of another chair that’s been upturned in front of me.  Two women from La Leche League flank me and my baby, one roughly positioning his head over my […]